Monday, 7 September 2015


I mentioned this mascara in my Drugstore Mascara's Review (Click HERE) and only said good things about it. I always repurchase this mascara since it's a safe purchase, since I'll definitely know I'll love it more each time.

It lengthens, It thickens, It holds.

Usually when I wear non waterproof mascaras, at the end of the day they drop down after I curled them, which is very annoying.
 People are usually scared of the word Waterproof for a daily use. There's nothing to worry about if you have the right eye makeup remover. The one I use is the Take The Day Off eye makeup remover.


 I've repurchased this mascara a lot, I always keep the empty bottles so I can wash them out to use the brush as a Spoolie to get rid of clumps etc.

The mascara has different prices depending where you buy it:
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There's a big difference between clumped lashes and thick bold lashes. This mascara doesn't become clumpy but it can create the advert lash look, all thick and full. You can easily achieve that look by doing three coats.

Some days I found that near the end of the day the mascara would flake away under my eyes, then I bought another one and that seemed to solve the problem. When the mascara dries it tends to have the flakiness as you apply it, because obviously it's dry and it doesn't come out as black. That's when you'll know you need a new one.

Does anyone know of any lower lash mascaras that lengthen and also thicken?