Monday, 14 September 2015


Essie Nail Polishes are my favourite since they hardly chip and are so easy to apply because of the big soft brush applicator. These tend to stay on for longer than any other nail polish that I have. Especially is you have clear gel nails done (Like I have now)

In Boots they retail at the price of £7.99 but for the range of colours, offers, gift sets, it's worth it!
A white nail polish is a must for me for many reasons...
- You can do French Manicure if you change the brush to something thinner.
- I do one thin layer under a light colour so the colour on top is more vibrant and stands out.
- You can do different nail art with a basic colour like white.
Same with the white, Black nails are great for winter but also good for nail art.
'Spin the Bottle'
I love neutral colours on my nails again for many reasons like:
- It's unnoticeable which means you can get away with it in school, if you're not allowed to wear nail polish.
- It's perfect if you want to grow out your nails because it prevents you from biting them etc.
- It goes with everything!

What are your favourite Nail Polishes?