Monday, 28 September 2015


Products Mentioned:
(L to R) Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal, Undone.
This is my favourite ever palette, it's the most softest eyeshadow which makes it so easy to blend and build up. These are more cooler tones than the original Basics palette.

 (L to R) Shrimp, Oops, Venice, Wink, Katie, Cargo.
This palette is more difficult to blend, meaning that when I tried blending it with my finger on my hand, the place where I put the eyeshadow was still visible (aka a clear circle which took time to blend out). This would just mean that it would take more time to work with to get the desired look.
But that means it can be perfect for a smokey eye look.

Left: First Shade 'Skimp' from the Naked 2 Basics Palette.
Right: First Shade 'Shrimp' from the W7 In The Mood Palette.

Both of these palettes have a demi matte shade which means that it has a slight sheen to it making it perfect for highlighting.
Both are basically similar but 'shrimp' is more white toned and 'skimp' is a more yellow/flesh undertone which just makes it more natural.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


The other week I took some photos and decided I would share them with you as I'm quite proud of them. There's a common theme of  'contrast and darkness' which I quite like as opposed to bright and colourful photos which are quite summery. I also took a portrait photo of my friend if you're wondering who that is.
Now because some of these were edited on an iPhone app, the contrast isn't as visible as it should be when being displayed on a computer which is quite bothering..

I hope you like these photos as much as I do :)

You can see more of my photos here on my Instagram.

Monday, 21 September 2015


Eyelash Curlers Mentioned:

You know when you use your eyelash curler a lot and you get that line in the middle till it just cuts through? That happens to me a lot. Especially with the rubbers that come with the curler.
That's why I ordered a pack of 12 from eBay and they were 10x times better.
I had the same replacement in for over a month, and by this time, and original one would've been broken (sorry I cant find the exact one I bought).

Good Things About the Item:
- It has a thin banner where the brand is written which makes it easier to see what you're doing
Bad Things About the Item:
- Doesn't open up as much as the others which makes it difficult to fit in your lashes
- Doesn't keep the curl in place, and the curl looks unnatural.

Good Things About the Item:
- It's cheapest out of all of these
- Has a big curl
Bad Things About the Item:
- Not like the other one, this one opens a bit too much which makes it difficult to have control over it. It's just easy for it to get out of hand and you could pull your lashes out due to the speed of how quickly it opens up.

Good Things About the Item:
- Is basically in between of both of those curlers, it opens up just right.
 so you still have control over the curler
- It holds the curl very well.
Bad Things About the Item:
- There's nothing really, this is my favourite eyelash curler out of the three!

I hope any of this made sense because it did in my head!

Monday, 14 September 2015


Essie Nail Polishes are my favourite since they hardly chip and are so easy to apply because of the big soft brush applicator. These tend to stay on for longer than any other nail polish that I have. Especially is you have clear gel nails done (Like I have now)

In Boots they retail at the price of £7.99 but for the range of colours, offers, gift sets, it's worth it!
A white nail polish is a must for me for many reasons...
- You can do French Manicure if you change the brush to something thinner.
- I do one thin layer under a light colour so the colour on top is more vibrant and stands out.
- You can do different nail art with a basic colour like white.
Same with the white, Black nails are great for winter but also good for nail art.
'Spin the Bottle'
I love neutral colours on my nails again for many reasons like:
- It's unnoticeable which means you can get away with it in school, if you're not allowed to wear nail polish.
- It's perfect if you want to grow out your nails because it prevents you from biting them etc.
- It goes with everything!

What are your favourite Nail Polishes?

Monday, 7 September 2015


I mentioned this mascara in my Drugstore Mascara's Review (Click HERE) and only said good things about it. I always repurchase this mascara since it's a safe purchase, since I'll definitely know I'll love it more each time.

It lengthens, It thickens, It holds.

Usually when I wear non waterproof mascaras, at the end of the day they drop down after I curled them, which is very annoying.
 People are usually scared of the word Waterproof for a daily use. There's nothing to worry about if you have the right eye makeup remover. The one I use is the Take The Day Off eye makeup remover.


 I've repurchased this mascara a lot, I always keep the empty bottles so I can wash them out to use the brush as a Spoolie to get rid of clumps etc.

The mascara has different prices depending where you buy it:
(click below to be redirected to the website)

There's a big difference between clumped lashes and thick bold lashes. This mascara doesn't become clumpy but it can create the advert lash look, all thick and full. You can easily achieve that look by doing three coats.

Some days I found that near the end of the day the mascara would flake away under my eyes, then I bought another one and that seemed to solve the problem. When the mascara dries it tends to have the flakiness as you apply it, because obviously it's dry and it doesn't come out as black. That's when you'll know you need a new one.

Does anyone know of any lower lash mascaras that lengthen and also thicken?