Saturday, 29 July 2017


Recently i went on holiday and i got this set of mini Marc Jacobs perfumes for £39. You get 4 x 4ml adorable scents. 3 of them are actually Eau de Toilette's and one is an Eau de Parfum. 

So, i'm tragic at explaining scents so i'll just quote them..

Going from Left to Right from the photo above:

It is a "bright, floral, fruity fragrance. It radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy" 
- Boots

"A daisy is a friendly flower, not precious, not exotic, but it evokes a spirit in a lot of women"
- Marc Jacobs

The fragrance is "infused with succulent wild berries and soft white violets, leaving an irresistibly fresh and radiant scent on the skin"
- Boots

It's a "Deeper interpretation of the signature's key notes of blackberry, blue wisteria and white woods"
- Boots

"Light and airy, Daisy Dream is both floral and fruity. The fragrance captivates with delectable top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear."
- Boots

I know for a fact that from now on i will be buying a lot more miniatures of perfumes because, one, they are adorable and small which makes them perfect for handbags, and two, they are a great way of testing out many different perfumes!

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I have been using this face combination for a very long time now, and i thought, why don't i just give these a review since this has been my go-to combo for every day wear. So first of all, this Dermablend range is PERFECT for people who have acne prone and oily skin (aka me) because it is non-comedogenic which basically means it doesn't clog your pores and cause breakouts. It is also paraben free and hypoallergenic. 

The Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation (£20) is great for every day wear because it isn't as bad for your skin as other foundations which aren't non-comedogenic. It gives enough coverage to cover up mild acne and any imperfections without looking too thick or sometimes i use it when i just don't want to wear a foundation which is more likely to cause breakouts. This foundation has also got SPF 35 which is just great! However, these foundations don't come in a variety of shades and most of the shades are pink toned too which isn't ideal. I have mine in the shade '15 Opal' which can be a tad bit too pink on me sometimes since i have more olive toned skin but it isn't that bad to the point where i cannot wear it.

Next up, the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder (£18) prolongs the wearability of the Dermablend foundations which makes these the perfect duo. Of course, it is nowhere near as good as the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder which i talked about here, but it works well too. This powder is great for baking, however i find that using a setting spray is beneficial after baking for too long with this powder becuase it can leave white residues. I like using the Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray or the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray after. However, the powder does leave your skin feeling smooth and soft aside from the colour residue. The powder itself has a thin and soft texture too.

Overall, i think for the price of it, this is a good foundation compared to others you may find in the drugstore! I have repurchased this duo before and it's almost always got some sort of promotion at Boots.

Let me know if you've tried this combination and what you think of it!

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Sunday, 23 July 2017


If you haven't seen hundreds of pictures of peoples açai or smoothie bowl breakfasts with perfectly arranged fruit, then have you really even been on the internet? I'm late on the craze but i'm glad i tried them! It took me a whole week to figure out all the ins and outs of making your very own smoothie bowl and i thought i'd share them with you as well as talk you through my steps and what i use.

So the essential thing for making a smoothie bowl is of course a blender and the one i'm using is the Nutri Ninja Blender.

As for the smoothie itself, i found that the best way to get a 'smoothie bowl' consistency is to use a 3:2 ratio of frozen fruit to fresh fruit and a dash of milk or greek yogurt if needed to help blend it. In many recipes it's recommended to use oats to blend in with the smoothie in order to make it thicker. I found that it changed the taste of the smoothie a lot and i personally didn't like it - it sort of tasted like fruity cardboard if i'm honest, not that i know what cardboard tastes like but you know what i mean haha.
I like to use this frozen berry smoothie mix by sainsbury's as the basis of my smoothie and i also add one pellet of an açai berry also from sainsbury's for every 80g of fruit i use (advised measurements on the back of the pack). Açai as a fruit is very beneficial for you because it is loaded with many nutrients such as antioxidants and omega fatty acids which are good for the skin, brain and weight loss.
"They also contain essential fatty acids, fibre and phytosterols which help promote cardiovascular and digestive health"

I mean, it's a superfood after all.

p.s. i have just ordered the Graze Brazilian Açai Powder to try out instead of these açai berry smoothie pellets. 

My favourite fruit in order to thicken up a smoothie is of course banana, specifically frozen bananas which make it even thicker. Speaking of products that make your smoothie thicker, many people suggest ice which i dont think is necessary since by adding frozen fruits it's nearly the same thing. Also, the ice melts pretty quickly which makes the smoothie more watery therefore defeating the purpose of making the smoothie thick. Also, i find that preparing the fruit toppings beforehand is a lot better because it won't make any ice from the frozen fruit to melt which usually makes it more watery.

The desirable consistency of a smoothie/açai bowl should be similar to yoghurt or a soft ice cream otherwise it's like eating soup (however, if you prefer it more watery then go for it!). 

And here comes the most exciting part of the smoothie bowl. Toppings and decorating. I have found my favourite combination of toppings and i think it's essential to include atleast two superfoods in order to make your smoothie bowl nutritious - in mine i like to have strawberries, chia seeds and pumpkin which are all superfoods. I really love adding chia seeds into many things because they're pretty much tasteless and they have so many benefits since they're high in fibre, omega 3 and they're a source of protein. This makes them perfect for açai bowls. My favourite is the Chia Shots by The Chia Co. which are sachets of white and black chia seeds making it the most convenient and easy way to use for smoothie bowls since you can just use one sachet per bowl.

Another superfood which i like including is pumpkin seeds which are loaded with antitoxidants and vitamins. Similarly to chia seeds, they don't have a strong taste either so they are great for toppings that get you the best nutients. 

A must for a smoothie bowl is of course, granola. It brings crunchiness and sweetness to your açai bowl. My favourite one is the Rude Health Honey & Nuts one and this brand has many other flavours to choose from too. Another thing i like to add to my smoothie bowl sometimes is muesli and my favourite one is the Jordans Fruity Muesli which has bits of dried fruit in it too - this again just adds to the sweetness and texture.

Here are some examples of toppings for your smoothie bowl:
- fruit: banana, strawberry, blueberry, mango, pomegranate
- granola
- nuts: almonds, pistachio
- nut butter
- chia seeds
- cacao nibs
- coconut flakes
- dried fruit: goji berries

Let me know if you have smoothie bowls and what your favourite combinations of fruit, toppings etc are!

Also, hope you enjoyed this one off food blog post!

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Thursday, 20 July 2017


HELLO! This is my first post of 2017, yes i'm aware i haven't written a post in absolutely ages! I've missed it but i'm back now and i couldn't be happier!

Anyway, recently i had prom and with that comes exciting new purchases eg. makeup. I wanted to show you what makeup i bought for my prom! Also, let me know if you want me to film a youtube video just recreating the prom eye makeup that i did! :)

So starting off this haul with things i got from Mac.. First up is the beautiful lip combo: a Matte Lipstick in the shade 'Taupe' (£16.50) and a Lip Pencil in the shade 'Spice' (£13). This combination is perfect! On the Mac website it says that the 'Taupe' Lipstick should be paired with 'Hover' Lip Pencil but the lady at Mac recommended 'Spice' for the lip pencil and oh was she right. 

This was also actually my first time trying out the regular Lip Pencil since the other one that i have is from the Pro Longwear range. My first impression of this lip pencil is that it's pretty much the exact same but i find it less drying and more creamy than the Pro Longwear range because that range is specifically created for long wear therefore means it's more drying so that it stays on as long as possible. As to which one i prefer, i really couldn't tell you yet since i haven't had as much time to test this lip pencil out compared to the other one!

[L to R: Lipstick 'Taupe', Lip Pencil 'Spice']

Anyway, back to the actual shades, the Lipstick shade 'Taupe' is described as "Muted reddish-taupe brown" and the Lip Pencil shade 'Spice' is described as a "Pink cinnamon stick" on the Mac website. Pretty spot on.

The next thing i got is a Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade 'Ochre' (£16) and this was for two reasons: one, my other one in the shade 'Painterly' has almost ran out, and two, i found that shade too pink/purple toned which doesn't make you look healthy especially when you have a fair skin tone and use it as a primer without applying eyeshadow over it. The shade 'Ochre' is more neutral/yellow toned which makes it more natural on the eyes since it will blend in to your skin tone better - that's if you have fairer skin. I really like these paint pots though, the consistency is very creamy and easy to apply, even though after some time they do go harder but that's understandable since it's a cream based product. I think it does the job well for priming the eyes with colour at an affordable price! This product is so versatile because it can be used on its own as a cream eyeshadow or as a base - that's why i love it! 

And now for the luxury goodness, Space NK. Can i just say, i love Space NK so much, if you haven't gone into one yet then you need to! Usually the girls who work there are incredibly kind and they know so much about the products they sell which makes your choice of what to buy that much easier!

So the one thing that everyone always says to make sure about when you're going to be taking photos, is that you must have a good powder that won't leave you with flashback because that is not cute.. SO, i got this incredible powder that EVERYONE seems to be in love with. Obviously it's the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (£29). I can now see why people are obsessed. The consistency is so fine and soft and it doesn't leave your skin with a powdery cast at all unlike some other loose powders that i've tried. 

And the last thing i got from Space NK is the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer Spf 15 (10ml - £20). Now.. I don't wear primer, ever, because i hate how it feels on my skin. BUT, this is an exception! It helps my makeup stay on for a long time and it doesn't make it come off half way through the day, or another term for this i would say is, 'it doesn't melt your makeup off' - especially in the heat too. I got a 10ml bottle because i wasn't sure if i'd use it but now i'm 100% sure that when i run out of this i am going to get a full size version! Another great thing about this is that you only need the smallest amount which is good because this is NOT CHEAP! (a 30ml version is £55). Before i try to do a really bad explanation of the consistency i'll just leave you with a quote from the description from the Space NK description: 

"A mineral-based, water-resistant primer with SPF 15 that creates an impossibly smooth canvas and seamless look.
A weightless, super-fine microspheric powder creates Veil Mineral Primer's one-of-a-kind texture. It also fills in fine lines and wrinkles, blurs the appearance of imperfections, and boosts makeup's ability to repel water"

Sounds tempting to buy doesn't it?

Thanks for reading!
Let me know what makeup you used for your prom!

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