Monday, 31 August 2015


Whilst on my trip to Poland (I took a lot of pictures, blog post with them is up now!), I picked up a few things at Duty Free and also in Sephora. So here's what I bought..

First stop at the Gatwick Airport's Duty Free was Mac, and there I picked up the Pro Longwear 'Painterly' Paint Pot . I also then picked up a Pro Longwear Lip Liner in 'Etcetera'
for my 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick. I talked about these products elaborately here.

This next product is an old favourite of mine, and I wasn't planning on buying until I saw it and realised that I actually really loved this product. So the repurchase is the loved Benefit's They're Real. I previously did try out the Roller Lash but I don't really like it as much as the They're Real.

I got really happy when I saw Sephora down the street in Cracow and I had to get some things!
First up was this fleshy tone Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in '07 Infinite Beige' since I've been on the look for one for a while now and I really like this one! The pencil is bigger than any other of my eyeliners which means extra product when you sharpen it! I use this on my waterline and it seems to stay put for long.

Then after minutes of looking for a makeup brush (which in the end, I bought none) I spotted a Beauty Blender (I didn't even realise that it was THE original beauty blender itself!) and I'm really glad I did pick it up because the quality is amazing. It blends your makeup in really well under the eyes especially due to the 'tapered' point at the top.

So since I picked up an eyeliner, I had to pick up a Pencil Sharpener that wont break my whole pencil after sharpening once. I have yet to try this sharpener but I'll report back shortly!

I always saw many Youtubers use these face masks, and let me say they're not the best but not the worst. The one I got was a Mattifying & anti-blemish Mask (Green Tea Mask).When you open the pack its already cut out and all you do it place It on your face and massage it in. It gets difficult if you have a smaller face since the edges will just go on your hair. 

The last thing I got in Sephora was this Nail Polish in 'Icy Cocktail'. It's the perfect size for nail polish because, let's be real, we never finish a nail polish up before it dries up! The brush is really nice (similar to the Essie brushes, big and soft), which makes the nail polish glide on smoothly and with minimal stokes and coats.

What's the most recent thing you bought?