Monday, 3 August 2015


 I came across a lipstick, then soon realised that it was Velvet Teddy which I picked up and instantly fell in love. Then I realised that I'm very mainstream...
A never ending hype over the Kylie Jenner Lip Look? I think so.
Products Mentioned:
Since people have been going on a mission to find out which lipstick Kylie Jenner uses, Velvet Teddy became one of the most best selling products in Mac, in my opinion. I think I've walked into at least four different Mac stores/counters just to find out it's still out of stock. So I ordered it online.
Velvet Teddy is essentially a lipstick that mimics the fleshy tone and Kate Moss 03 is more of a regular pink nude but still the 03 doesn't fail as one of the dupes for Velvet Teddy.

With no hesitation I can say that a Mac Lipstick is the best. It stays on for ages especially when you put a tiny bit of translucent powder on top for an even better matte effect. These lipsticks smell of vanilla and its basically the best thing ever.

Left: Mac 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick
Right: Rimmel '03 Kate Moss' Lipstick
The Kate Moss lipstick is a good dupe for the MAC however its more pink toned and not matte. It also doesn't stay on all day, so you'll have to touch up. But over all its good for a third of the price of the Mac Lipstick.
This Rimmel lip liner is one of my favourite ones in the drugstore for many reasons. One of them being the price, they are very cheap and do the job. They aren't drying but after you put it on, you don't have that lipstick feel, which I think is good since if you wear it alone it won't transfer. 

Considering I don't have high end lip liner for this lipstick yet, I do have a drugstore alternative which is basically the exact same colour if not slightly darker than the lipstick. It's not a bad thing as it makes it perfect for lip contouring if that's what you want. I said that it's good for lip contouring, but I don't mean intense contour, there's barely a difference in the colours at all! (I forgot the swatches for these oops)

Are there any other Velvet Teddy Lip Stick & Lip Liner dupes that you know of?