Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Welcome back, long time no see. I want to share the products that i got on Black Friday with you. Talk about a belated haul - its been 4 weeks already. I was meaning to try out some Kiehl's products already from hearing only amazing things about it. I previously visited Kiehl's and got a few testers since i was looking for a new skincare routine.
Usually these three products would retail at the price of £74.50 all together but with the luxury of Black Friday it was 20% off meaning that it was £59.60. I got the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash (£22 - 230 ml) which really helped me with getting rid of my blemishes quite fast. This has a gel formula that acivated with water to create foam. This is suited for normal to oily skin types. It is made from completely natural products like flower extracts etc. which means that it won't harm your skin. After using a lot of Clinique products, i realised that my skin works better with natural products that are more gentle and not so harsh on the skin. I haven't had any problems with this product so far and i'm really happy with it.
Next, I picked up the Ultra Facial Toner (£16.50 - 250 ml), this isn't your usual toner because it is more of a thicker milky consistency meaning that it is more moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling soft. Your general toner has a water consistency which refreshes your skin however, this one doesn't which is the only negative side of the product. It soothes any dryness on the skin so makeup application is smoother and provides ideal preparation for moisturizer.
Lastly, my favourite of all is the Daily Reviving Concentrate (£36 - 30ml)  which acts like a moisturizer (for me atleast). I usually switch between a proper moisturizer to make sure my skin is hydrated - I use my Clinique Dramatically Different Mousturizer. This product provides antioxidant protection thanks to the natural oils like Ginger Root, Sunflower oil and Tamanu oil to keep your skin feeling fresh and look energized if you haven't caught up on all the sleep haha.
The Ginger Root Essential Oil preserves the efficacy and gives the natral scent.
Sunflower Oil helps reinforce the skin barrier,
Tamanu Oil helps reduce the appearance of daily damage, as well as replenish and soothe the skin.

Usually when you buy something from Kiehl's you get many testers, the number depends on what the product actually is - say if you want to try their shampoo, i recieved around 3 shampoo's and 3 conditioner sachets but for the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution i only got 2 sachets. For my first purchace I wanted to try out the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which comes in similar packaging to the full sized product but a lot smaller - it's perfect for traveling because you really need a couple of drops of it on your face so this saved you from carrying the full sized product. The tester bottle can also be refilled, so when i use it all up i will put other liquid form products inside when travelling.
The second thing i got as a tester was the Ultimate Strengh Hand Salve 30 ml tube which if you ask me looks like a full sized product. I really like this because its really moisturizing but doesn't leave your hands sticky for ages - I never use hand cream because I feel like i can't touch anything for about 10 minutes seriously..
So along with these goodies, I recieved a little clear zip washbag with tough black material and a white Kiehl's print in the centre. This is good to put in your school bag or regular bag to keep a few makeup bits for touchups.
Also, Kiehl's have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which means that you can exchange or return opened products within 28 days of using if you hate the product or you get a reaction from it. So keep your reciepts just in case!
What are your favourite Kiehl's products?