Monday, 30 November 2015


Let's just say this is the best shadow stick that is super affordable, and insanely pigmented.
Overall, I love Kiko as a brand since they are drugstore prices but better quality than most products from the drugstore - and they do not test on animals.
These retail for £6.90 however Kiko tend to have a lot of good offers or sales frequently.
There is a wide shade range of 32 different shades, there are a few neutral shades which I love but the other half are mostly hues of blue etc. You can purchase or have a look at the shades here.
All of these stay on for absolute ages which means its quite difficult to take off with face wipes, get yourself a good makeup remover too. You may think that its a negative that it doesn't come off easily but think about it, its basically waterproof and you can wear it all day and night since it doesn't crease.. 

The one I have is in the shade 07 Golden Beige which is just a beautiful champagne-y gold shade.
It's super pigmented and creamy at application.The amount of looks you can create with this shade in particular (and any other) is insane - day time looks, night time, for birthday parties, for events. Bare this in mind though, you need to work fast with this if you want to blend it out a lot, it sets to a dry finish which means no creasing. Also, if you don't like very glittery shadows, I would advise you to test it out in store first because it can look very glittery in certain lightings (but not a lot, only some places).

As well as the actual product, the packaging is very convenient, easy to store and travel friendly. It's a twist up product which means it won't necessarily smash like a normal eye shadow would straight away. It also won't get messy and you don't really need a brush, you can use your fingers plus you don't even need a crease shade since it looks amazing on its own. 

The next shade of these that I really want to try is 01 Pearly White, I swatched this one in store and it looked like an insanely light reflective brow bone highlight.

Are there any Kiko products you'd want me to review?