Wednesday, 14 October 2015


So as a little mid-week blog post, I'd like to leave this here for the appreciation of Pret for sending me 6 packs (for free) of dried mangos. And I have a huge love for dried mangos but no others can compare to these!

The reason I got sent these, is because I tweeted Pret saying 'I need an endless supply of @pret dried mangos', and they replied saying 'We can't promise you an endless supply but you can message us for a little surprise', so then I messaged them and I got sent a few packs of delicious mangos.
(that's roughly what I said etc, the tweets were from a while back!)

I have a big love for dried mangos because they are a great option for snacking instead of having chocolate. And also by far, these are the best ones. Go give them a try.

Have you tried the Pret Dried Mangos?