Monday, 12 October 2015


Guess who got more beauty products?
So as you can guess by the title, I went to Kiko, Lush and Boots and I got these three products.
This is an array of successful purchases, alright and not so good so keep on reading to find out which of these products I enjoyed most..
Now when I say I love this eyeshadow, I mean it. This is my first champagne individual eyeshadow I picked up for only £2.80 (previously costing around £5). I wear this every single day to school and on weekends.

This is the Kiko eye shadow in the shade '202' and its one of their infinity eye shadows.
They all have great pigmentation, from all the swatches I had going on, on my hand.

This is just a perfect shade of champagne goodness. It brightens up the eye and you can create beautiful eye make up with this. I like to play around with my crease colour with different shades of brown and taupe because it suits any kind of shade.
If you do see this in the store, don't be put off by intense shimmer going on, the lighting in store makes it twice as shimmery than it really is.
They have really nice pigmentation too which is always great, but they blend in effortlessly with a crease colour.
If you buy the eye shadows separately, you wont really need to worry about your eye shadows drying out because they do come with a plastic lid to keep it safe however it can easily get lost.
That's why, guess what.. you need to buy a Clics system pot for your eye shadow, you can also buy a quad palette for these too if you find more eye shadows that you like. The single palette costs around £3, correct me if I'm wrong though because I don't really remember.

Going on to my least favourite product, which I was most exited to try was the L'Oreal True Match foundation because of its new packaging and I'm guessing new formula..
I will be doing a comparing blog post about these two foundations and because of the amount of things I want to say about these two products so I wont go into much detail right now.
So what I will say about this is, its not suitable for people with oily skin, I also find that you need a primer for this because it does give you smile lines unfortunately. The actual texture of the foundation is very satin and smooth and goes on very smoothly. 

Going on to the more bright side, I also got this Lush Toner Water which you spray on you freshly washed face before or after makeup. I usually use this (if I actually remember to do so) before my makeup so freshen up my skin and also helps to wake you up. 

This product claims to be a go-to beauty item for the skin emergencies e.g. spot prone or oil skin. I don't find that it has improved my skin immensely but for the first time that I used it, I found that my skin worked really well with the tea tree and antiseptic ingredients that it has to make spots less visible or tone down the redress.
What is your most successful beauty purchase that you've made?