Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Recently on my trip to Poland i went to Sephora. Surprise surprise. I always think that i'm going to buy the whole store but i always end up getting pretty much almost the same things every time - i forget that the UK has more brands now especially in Space NK or on Beauty Bay online.

So obviously i got a new original beauty blender. This time i got one in baby pink because i always used to buy the regular pink one (and i got pretty bored of it) because they only stock about 3 different colours in Space NK and in Sephora there's a lot more. Basically, this is the only thing i use to apply my foundation and concealer. It is the best. I'd recommend this more than the Real Techniques one so if you're looking for a new makeup application tool, this is the one!

Next thing i got is the Daily makeup brush cleaner. I think this is essential for when the day before you used a really dark eyeshadow, you have no other brush to use and you need to clean it and washing it with water will mean it won't dry fast enough. This is where this comes in handy because it will clean your brushes without leaving them soaked. Obviously don't use this as a substitute for water but it's a good product to have.

And lastly, i got a Purifying & detoxifying Algae face mask and there's nothing much else to say about these than it's really hard not to buy one of these when you're in Sephora..

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