Saturday, 23 July 2016


Due to pure curiosity, I ordered 3 of these Avon lipsticks. I was never really a fan of Avon but I was intrigued to try these matte lipsticks...

These lipsticks are on sale from £8 to £5.50 and you can buy them here.

As almost a third of the price of a MAC lipstick, these claim to be "more matte than MAC'. First I tested these on their own, but when I saw the results, I didn't even think about swatching these next to my MAC matte lipstick because it was clear that these are no way near as matte as MAC!

^ Left to Right: Marvellous Mocha, Absolute Coral, Posh Petal

^ Left to Right: Posh Petal, Absolute Coral, Marvellous Mocha

These lipsticks are very creamy during application and they are very pigmented for their price. However, they do not last very long and tend to wear off quickly when you eat/drink which is inconvenient. When applied, they have a slight sheen and you would expect it to go matte but disappointingly it doesn't.

Shade range
On the website the shade range for these lipsticks looks incredible and very similar to some popular high end shades. It is unfortunate that the shades don't match the corresponding ones on the website which is also very inconvenient if you're looking for shade dupes for trails. If you do find a good shade that would be an alternative to high end lipsticks, the price of these lipsticks is conventient for trying out if you like the shade before you spend a lot of money on a high end one.

Is it worth it?
Personally, I won't be purchasing more of these lipsticks and i'd recommend spending a bit more on a higher end lipstick for instance MAC, or there are plenty dupes in the drugstore like the Rimmel lipsticks that are closely compared to good quality ones.


Absolute coral is an orange toned red which is great for summer. This lipstick shade doesn't match with the colour on the website which is more of a brown toned orange. I think this lipstick would look good on a lot of skin tones due to the red undertones.

Marvellous Mocha is the most successful shade out of the 3 that I have. It also corresponds to the colour on the website the most. It is a shade that would be a dupe for many lipsticks since it's a very pretty browny nude shade. 

Posh Petal is a very baby pink shade that would only suit the most fairest skin tones. The colour on the website looks very lilac and mauve when really it is straight up pink. Do not purchase this if you have darker skin tones because this can be closely compared to a pink undertone concealer.

Let me know what you think of these lipsticks if you own one..