Saturday, 28 May 2016


We all want our eyebrows to be perfectly neat and our eyelashes to be fluttery and curled. Reality is, you don't always have time to fill in your eyebrows fully or put mascara on neatly without smudging it. That's why i picked up two things from Boots that will come in handy to conquer those problems and will obviously share this with you now. 

I was always a Benefit Gimme Brow girl and repurchased that two times as if it was incredible - but it wasn't. I know that now after finding this product i will never go back! This product is a dupe for that brow gel for a fraction of the price. I will make a separate blog post comparing both of these products don't worry. I have so many positive reasons as to why i love this so much. Firstly, it keeps your brows in place - i mean, i wish it was waterproof but it definitely doesn't come off easily in water. While it keeps your brows in place, it doesn't feel too hard or so that you can literally feel your brows on your face stuck on like glue. 

It also has a very small wand which helps to be precise with your brows. Although, it doesn't have the smallest brush ever which means you can get the job done fast. This also contains little fibres so it gives volume to your brows - yay.

I have a love hate relationship with this product although i like the concept and process of it. Let's say don't expect your lashes to be like a 'jet black freshly applied mascara' lashes, because they won't. So for the first time you do this, you will have faint definition (i have dark blonde top lashes and very light bottom lashes, so different lashes may have different results). I re applied this product every week for about 3 times and i finally got a shade that i was satisfied with. Although its still not mascara black, it does the trick to some extent - it's better than having no mascara and almost invisible lashes right - and also, its permanent. Try it out for yourself and let me know how you like it.

natalia x