Sunday, 10 April 2016


As promised, here is the beauty part of this Guide. I could've put all of these into one whole post and just titled it "your ultimate guide to summer" however it would be extremely long and I doubt that anyone would want to sit and read over 1,000 words of my rambling. So this part of the guide is about body sprays and face creams etc. Keep on reading to find out what I think are some of your summer essentials.

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I've really been enjoying wearing this scent for Spring, but before I try describe how this smells, I'm just going to copy and paste the description from the Debenhams website: A lush and fruity floral, Daisy eau so fresh delight edition puts a twist on the original with an enticing rush of blood orange flourished with exotic tiare tahiti, mingled with the sweetness of raspberry. Velvety apricot leaves a lingering impression. Have you pictured the scent yet? I like how its not too over powering or too sweet, it's the perfect fresh and fruity scent.

This is another refreshing, wake me up product in the morning or just throughout the day, however it has the benefits of making your skin better. You can spray this directly onto your face and then let it dry or wipe away with a cotton pad. Alternatively, you can spray it on your cotton pad and then apply to your face to help remove any left over makeup or cleanser. I like to use this because it has Tea Tree which is antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial, which in normal words means it keeps away the bacteria that can cause spots. 

I really like this mist too as an addition to the perfume throughout the day as a touch up. Again with the bad scent descriptions, here is the description from the Hollister website: Juicy watermelon and California poppy come together to create a brilliant, playful scent. I definitely think that this scent is watermelon, poppy and sugary woods combined into one. This scent isn't sickly or too sweet but it's more fresh and enlightening. Since this is a mist, it won't stay on as long as a perfume would so bare that in mind that it doesn't last very long. 

This is the best deodorant that I have ever used and I mean it. I've repurchased this about 3 times now - it's also good to mention that it lasts a fairly long time e.g. it doesn't dry up or run out. You know when you feel like you really need to reapply your deodorant through out the day. Well, now you won't because this will keep you smelling fresh all day - or 48hours as they say. You will no longer have to worry about if you're the one that smells really bad.

This is a new and recent purchase of mine but i've really been liking this demagogically tested moisturiser. It is suitable for normal to dry skin and it hydrates any areas of your skin that are dry. This claims to be a 3in1 moisturiser in the sense that..
1) it has a SolaSheerTM technology with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection SPF15 gently protects the surface of your skin from daily incidental UV exposure. 
2) It has many nourishing vitals such as B3, E and Pro-V B5 which help strengthen your skins natural  moisture barrier
3) The 24 hour moisture hydrates your skin 7 layers deep to let your inner glow come through.
Now, if that doesn't tick all of the boxes of a normal simple moisturiser with all the benefits that you need then i don't know what else will at the price of only £4.99 (on offer now as of April '16 - costs £9.99 when it isn't)

Stay tuned for the last part of the guide next week :)
Natalia x