Saturday, 21 March 2015


I went on Instagram a while ago asking you guys what you'd like to know.
I got loads of questions so I'm going to answer most of them now.
(I copied the comments exactly with the emojis etc)
@floral.kat What are your favourite palettes? ♥
Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics & Sleek Au Naturel x

@lozstewartt What inspires you??
I think when I go to London or other places and I just get ideas for anything from a photo or a blog post if that's what you're asking x Favourite high street stores? 😘 💘✨
Top Shop, Zara, H&M, New look I guess.
@eilidhtaggxx What is your fave beauty drugstore product? Ly 💕🎀✨
Definitely the Rimmel exaggerate lip liner in 018, It stays on for long and it's a really nice kind of dark plumy toned but still on the nude side.
@katy_kanex If you could live with one skincare product and one makeup product what would they be and why? 💘💘💘 love your videos!!!xx
Skincare - Clinique moisturizer because it leaves your skin feeling really soft straight away.
Makeup - Collection concealer because it's really good coverage and can also be used under eyes.
@hollynapier_ What is your must have makeup products?
Naked 2 Basics palette because its so versatile for many looks, (matte)
Benefit They're Real mascara, just perfect for a starter in high end makeup.
@_annie_1999 Favourite Starbucks?
It's getting warmer now so definitely Mango Passion Fruit Blended Juice.
@moriarteaa_ Whats the last thing you bought?
- Soap and Glory Brow Archery
- Sleek Clear Brow Gel
- Kate Moss Lipstick 08
@floralblogger Favourite mascara?👀
Maybelline Colossal Volum' express for sure.
@emss.rose What's your favourite colour?💖
Either mint green when its spring/summer or Beigey Grey in autumn/winter because it feels more cosier to be honest! Favourite film and why? 😘💖
Mean girls, I keep rewatching it - it's just amazing haha. (and also I cant think of any other film)
@ansleyorth who inspires you?
similar like the other question, a few people inspire me like WonderLOST youtube channel about travel etc., @rmkhnert_ on Instagram because of his amazing photography also Troye with his videos like this one. Click here.
@c.o.u.r.t.ney Why did you create a blog?
1. I felt like I can't just post photography on Instagram so I thought why not on a blog as the majority of a blog is photos.
2. I like makeup and I also thought I could explain further with reviews etc. as you cant do much on Instagram.
3. Wanted to do something that my friends don't do and be different & stand out of the mainstream crowd at my school to be honest!
@hayleyyjaydee do you have a blog or YouTube?
Both, link are somewhere at top.
@_lottiemorgan_ Zalfie or Narcus
Zalfie! I just love Zoe and Alfie separately and even more together. I don't really watch much of Niomi or Marcus, unless its a main channel vid.