Monday, 16 May 2016


I was always very hesitant with all Barry M nail polishes due to their extremely thin application brush and I could just imagine the amount of times you'd have to apply it to cover the whole nail. I was exited when I saw the new and improved range on the displays - the cardboard display in boots is so cute and eye catching. I would've never came across these nail polishes if it wasn't for the display.

The brush is thick enough to cover your pinky nail with one swipe - no joke, you can paint your nails in about 3 minutes. Let me mention that you can totally leave your nails at one semi thick coat because this is very opaque already. I would say two coats are the maximum to get a fully opaque colour. There are no streaks when applying which is good if you don't have time to go over again and again with the nail polish.

These nail polishes can peel off on one go if you do 2+ coats because it's thicker and for some reason it's just more prone to it. If you apply one coat and a top coat, it will last much longer. I think that 1 week would be the average of how long it will go without major chips. 

Colour Range
The colour range is beautiful and it's quite hard not to buy all 9 shades at once. They are all very summer and holiday themed colours which I love. They also have 4 shades of nude which from light to dark are: Skinny Dip, Sunkissed, Starfish, Tiki Hut. This is great is you like to create ombre nail art with your nails and also it's a variety for all skin tones. I have two of these because I love how neutral nails look. 

They are 4.99/each but are always on offer in Boots.

My rating

Skinny Dip