Monday, 10 August 2015


You know when you walk in to Hollister and that pretty smell just overwhelms you, I can tell you that I don't know what they use but it always smells really good. The closest I found, which probably everyone already knows since it's the most popular scent was the Crescent Bay mist.
Mists don't usually stay on for long anyway but the body & perfume just flaunts at you so I had to get one or two.
There was actually an offer, Two for £18 or one for £11 so I mean I saved £4.
Products Mentioned:
- Hollister Raspberry Blossom & Vanilla Body Mist (can't find link)
Unlike the other spray, this is more of a 'perfume' stronger scent but still has that summer kick to it, meaning sweet and fresh. It's sophisticated and more chic.
On the website it stated that this is what it smells of -Watermelon, Poppy, Sugary Woods.
And there's no other way of putting it.. It's sweet but gentle and not too over powdering or sickly. It's just a perfect Summer Scent.

A while ago, when I went to Bershka, I picked up this mist which is very similar to the Crescent Bay mist which makes it perfect for chucking it in your bag.
What mists or perfumes are you loving?